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Sveti Petar Resort

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Sveti Petar is a small town of the Biograd Riviera with a beautiful sandy beach on the coast of the Pasman Channel, 10 km northwest of Biograd na Moru.
Chief occupations include farming, fishing and tourism
The town was named after the church of Sv. Petar apostol (apostle St. Peter) dating back to the 18th century. In the centre of the town there can be see ruins of medieval outbuildings that belonged to the abbey on Rogovo. Among more significant archaeological localities there are ruins of a castle in the place of Pećina and cave Buta.
Today Sv. Petar is a place where you can spend your holiday in peaceful and natural surroundings where friendly hosts await you with comfortable suites, numerous campsites, as well as a smaller hotel “Mare nostrum” situated right by the sea.