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Dubrovnik Riviera

Kupari Resort

Kupari Bay Panorama

Kupari is the oldest tourist destination on this sunny riviera with a beautiful beach.The name derives from the manufacturing of the Kupa (meaning tiles), which was supervised by the antique Republic of Dubrovnik.
Kupari is 8 km southeast of Dubrovnik, in a picturesque bay at the foot of southern Dalmatian hills.
It is surrounded by rich Mediterranean vegetation and is known for its magnificent beaches and parks with palm trees and oleanders.
At the bay's cape, there is a 400 m long sandy shoreline, while there is a sea-side promenade shaded by pine trees that leads to several smaller beaches nearby.
On a ledge above the village there is St. Stephen's church with a cemetery from the 13th century, and on the nearby hill there is St. Peter's church from the 16th century.
The view spreads on all 4 sides, so from that spot all villages in the area of the Lupa bay (Dubrovnik Parrish bay) can be seen.
The place is surrounded by extremely verdure and dense Mediterranean vegetation and is famous for it's beautiful beaches. At the cape of the bay there is a 400 m long sandy beach, and from the bay towards south a promenade stretches along the coast roofed with the shade of pine trees, leading to a few smaller sandy-beaches and pebble-beaches in the vicinity. In Kupari you will find large parks of palm trees and oleanders, peacefulness and harty hosts who all live in a small place and thus know each other, so the atmosphere is warm, domestic and relaxing