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Best Beach holidays on Lokrum Beach , Dubrovnik in Croatia

Lokrum is a small island about 700 m southeast of Dubrovnik; area 0.8 sq km; coastline 4.8 km; elevation 91 m.
In its southern part is a 10-m deep salty lake called Mrtvo More (Dead Sea).
The north-eastern coast is low and only boats may dock there, while the south-western coast is steep and inaccessible.
On the eastern coast of Lokrum is a small harbour called Portoc, from which a trail leads to the remains of a former fortress and the pier Bocina on the northern side of the island.
On the western side of the island and at the harbour are the textile beaches. Here are also some showers.
Lokrum is the favourite excursion destination of the population of Dubrovnik, as well as of many tourists, only 10-15 minutes (by boat) from Dubrovnik.
Lokrum's beaches are rocky and back onto groves of pine trees.
The islet is always green, with the luxuriant subtropical vegetation, a forest of holm oak, Mediterranean underbrush and Aleppo pine. Lokrum has a number of beautiful coves, beaches and promenades.
It is also a protected nature park. The fortress, today a vista point, offers an unforgettable view on the island and the entire city of Dubrovnik. A special attraction of Lokrum is the small lake, called Mrtvo More (Dead Sea), very suitable for children and non swimmers to bathe in.
Lokrum may be reached from Dubrovnik by regular tourist boat lines, which depart from the old town port.