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Jelsa: Mina Beaches

Jelsa is heart of the island surrounded by pine woods and beautiful beaches.
Jelsa is a tourist centre on the northern side of the central part of the island.
It used to be one of the most significant maritime, shipbuilding and trade centres of the Adriatic, starting point for ocean-going sailing vessels carrying best wines of Hvar, olive oil and salted fish. It was a homeland of many famous captains and seamen, and among them was Niko Dubokovic, the most prominent captain.
As a small town and port it was first mentioned in 14th century, but discoveries from the Neolithic, the Roman and the Illyrian times testifiy how old the history of the island actually is.
Dense pine woods, beautiful sandy beaches, vineyards and olive groves make Jelsa particularly attractive.
Today Jelsa is an important tourist centre. Situated in the middle of the island it is almost an ideal starting point for many excursions organized to reveal you the beauty of the islands of Hvar and Brac, and Makarska.
Major attractions of this popular seaside resort include various accommodation facilities - hotels, apartments, campsites - and sports and recre-ational opportunities - tennis courts, tennis camp, miniature golf, boccia courts, water sports, diving school.
Gastronomic offer of traditional dishes, top-quality Hvar wines, beauty of the town, position, variety of accomodation and recreation are all attributes which make Jelsa one of the favorite destinations of many tourists.
Jelsa has a well-indented coast line with numerous bays and promontories on which you can find a true pleasure and peace.
There are some of the most popular places closest to the town of Jelsa.
MINA - the most popular sandy beach situated only 500 m from the centre of Jelsa. Ideal beach for small children.
GREBIŠĆE - popular sandy beach situated about 1.5 km from Jelsa. It consists of two sandy bays: Vela i Mola Grebišće.
ZENČIŠĆA - bathing place situated 3 km east from Jelsa. It is used to be a beach of hotel which is derelicted nowdays.
BAY OF ST LUKE - A pebble beach situated 4 km to the east of Jelsa is also an archeological site where the remnants of ceramics and buildings belonging to the Roman Times were found. It is well known due to a church on the promontory.
BOČIĆ - Bathing place paved with concrete and stone is situated some 300 m from the centre of Jelsa. Includes the area from the Jadran hotel to the Fontana hotel.
SOLINE - A peninsula, some 6 km from Jelsa is full of beautiful small pebble beaches on the southern part while the northern side offers mainly flat stones regularly shaped.
ZEČEVO - small islet situated infront of Jelsa, about 20 minutes by taxi boat. It used to be popular nudist beach.
MALA STINIVA - Driving some 30 minutes from Jelsa there is a marvellous pebble beach with crystal sea. It is well known for the sheer cliffs surrounding it.