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Milna Resort

Milna Beaches

Milna is a village of small family board and lodging.
Founded cca 40 years ago, today has about 100 inhabitants.
It is situated in a protected bay with four large lagoon-shaped beautiful pebble beaches with pine woods in between. Two sandy beaches separated from each other by a pine forest are situated in the village itself and two in its immediate vicinity. Beaches are pebbly and and one of the beaches can be approached only from the sea. Orientation to the south provides protection from northern winds and the sea is warm and crystal clear.
Further to the west of the bay there is the Baroque summer house of the Ivanić family from the 17th century. The summer house is the most beautiful example of the rustic architecture on the island of Hvar.
On the eastern slopes above the bay, there is a village of Malo Grablje.
Milna is situated 6 km away from the town of Hvar.
There is a market and seven restaurants where you can eat and enjoy fresh fish, home grown vegetables, olive oil and domestic wine.
If you are looking for a peaceful and comfortable vacation, away from the frenzy of the town, away from all the problems and stress, Milna is the right place for you.