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Hvar Riviera

Stari Grad Resort

Laterna Beach, Stari Grad

Stari Grad is the oldest town and harbour in Europe.
It is the town of the oldest human settlement on the island, and one of the first of all the Adriatic islands. Chief occupations include farming, viniculture, olive growing, fruit growing, grapes processing, fishing and tourism.
Stari Grad is situated in the north-western part of the island in a deep and protected bay which is a safe shelter for boating people.The town of ancient times and cultural heritage was known as the Greek Pharos, and it is believed to be the oldest town in Europe. The Tvrdalj is the most prominent building in the town which was a home of the famous local poet Petar Hektorović.
Today, Stari Grad is a modern tourist resort. Hotels, appartments, bungalows, traditional dishes, especially fish dishes, famous Hvar wines, various possibilities of sport and recreation, bring visitors to this part of the Adriatic, chosen by the Greeks in the ancient times.
In summertime many cultural and sport events are organized: Starogradsko ljeto, concerts, recitals, entertainments, International music summer school, and Faros marathon - Croatian international championship in long distance swimming.
There are several popular beaches and places for bathing jast nere of the centre of Stari Grad.
LANTERNA (Lantern) - bathing place situated 800 m from the centre of Stari Grad. It consists of pebble bay and part which is paved with concrete.
MASLINICA – sandy bay located near the ferry harbour, about 2 km from centre of Stari Grad.
BANJ – bathing place situated 500 m from the centre of Stari Grad. It consists of pebble bay and part which is paved with concrete.
HOTEL BATHING PLACE – a bathing place situated below the hotel complex in Stari Grad. Bathing place is paved with concrete and has a pebble beach.
PAKLENA, BABA, ZAVALA, ŽUKOVA – beaches situated along the peninsula closing the bay of Stari Grad. Peaceful pebble beaches, flatly shaped stones, shadow from pine trees make these beaches so particular.