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Makarska Reviera

Brist Resort

Brist Beach

Brist is one of the southernmost localities of the Makarska riviera, about 40 km distant from Makarska.
It is situated between the sea and the mountain Biokovo. Over the several last decades Brist, as also the majority of places on our coast has been oriented entirely toward tourism.
There are presently about 445 inhabitants living in Brist mainly engaged in tourist industry.
The locality itself has available about 550 beds in holiday flats, small boarding houses and villas.
It is the very place if you are looking forward to a holiday in a peaceful and quiet environment with beautiful gravel beaches, enjoying the authentic Dalmatian atmosphere, in close vicinity of the lagest tourist centers.
Nowadays it extends along the very coast, but in the past it was situated in higher regions of the mountain as may be seen from the remains of many cultural and historical monuments.