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Makarska Reviera

Makarska Riviera

Makarska Riviera

If you have ever wanted to experience the all extremes of Dalmatia and its most brillant features, you don't have to hesitate, Makarska Riviera is ready to offer you far more than that. Nowhere on this 60 km long seaside stretch you cannot do a single step without being astonished by incredible permeation of the sea, coast and mountain. Of the sea, that is said to be the clearest of the Adriatic, what is to say, of the world. Of the coast, that is decorated by golden necklace of beaches edged by green pines, by hidden and romantic coves in which lay the dormant towns and villages of Riviera that are the fashionable meeting places of guests from whole world.
Of Biokovo mountain, the highest one in whole Mediterranean (1762 m), that as a massive stone giant stands the guard over unique beauty of the coast. Here in a single day you can enjoy the sun and sea, the idle cosmopolitan atmosphere of one of touristic centres of Makarska Riviera and in the afternoon find yourself in an almost alpine scenery of Biokovo watching the chamois and mouflons wondering on precipitous cliffs of this unique protected Natural Park. A gentle wind plays with absolutely pure air and with fragance acents of aromatic plants Makarska Riviera is the unsurpassable exception among many exclusivities of unique Dalmatia.

Brela Resort

Best Beach holidays on Brela Beach in Croatia

Brela is a source of beauty!
Indeed, thanks to dense pine forests, nice beaches, clear seawater, sources of potable water, Brela has been known for decades as one of the most attractive seaside resorts in Dalmatia . Beautiful, luxuriant pine forests are located close to nice pebble beaches. Brela also offers a nicely arranged coastal promenade and a number of excellent restaurants with seafood. Accommodation facilities are of the highest quality, and, according to opinion polls, the hotels in Brela rank among the best in Croatia.

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Baška Voda Resort

Baška Voda Beaches

Baška Voda (population 2,200) is situated 9,5 km north-west of Makarska. The population is engaged in agriculture (olives, grapes, cherries, figs), fishing trade and tourism. It is one of the oldest and most visited summer resorts in the Makarska Riviera. Long gravel beaches, thick pine wood and nicely arranged streets are the decoration and the distinction of this place.
Baška voda has a small port, with its southern part suitable for harbouring vessels.

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Tucepi Resort

Tucepi Beach

Tucepi is recognized as a popular tourist destination in Croatia.
To the west its boundaries touch the town of Makarska , the only urban centre of the area called the Makarsko primorje in Croatian i.e. the Makarska Coastland or popularly the Makarska Riviera.
The imposine mountain of Biokovo represents the northern border of the village.

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Makarska Resort

Makarska Beach

Makarska is one of the most famous tourist destinations on the Croatian coast, attractive for its nature and good climate, rich in tourist attractions and full of hospitable hosts.
To this day, Makarska is known for its sandy beach, which is almost 2 kilometers long.
The walkways are lined with pine trees and surrounded by luxury hotels, tourist facilities, and gastronomical havens, and there is plenty of fun for both adults and children.

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Drasnice Resort

Drasnice Beach

DRASNICE, a village in the Makarska littoral, 3 km southeast of Podgora. The coastal belt is partly covered by pine forests and small pebble beaches stretch along the coast. Chief occupations include farming, viticulture, olive growing (in the flysh Drasnice field) and fishing. Yachts and boats may dock along the 25-m long pier. The village lies on the main road (M2, E65). Close to the sea is the cemetery with mediaeval tombstones, as well as a Baroque church from 1745 (destroyed in an earthquake in 1794; restored and again demolished in 1961).

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Zivogosce Resort

Zivogosce Beach

Zivogosce is situated on the slopes of Biokovo Mountain, where several beautiful pebble beaches surrounded by a pine forest are located. Below the Franciscan monastery is a large freshwater spring, which remains on a dry terrain during the low tide. Above the spring is a carved Latin elegiac couplet in eulogy of the life-giving earth.
High quality lodgings - hotels, apartments, as well as sports grounds, water sports, pleasant walks along the sea (lungomare) make Zivogosce a lovely place to stay.

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Zaostrog Resort

Zaostrog Beach

Zaostrog is tourist settlement on the Makarska coastline, about 35 km from Makarska .
Today Zaostrog, as a tourist settlement of the southern Makarska coast, is completely oriented to the development of tourism.
Zaostrog is settled permanently by some 350 inhabitants, mostly employed in hotel and restaurant services and tourism.

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Igrane Resort

Igrane Beach

Igrane (population 400) is located 17 km south-east of makarska.
Its inhabitants are engaged in agriculture (oil works with cold-pressing technology), fishing and toursim.

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Podaca Resort

Podaca Beach

Podaca is a tourist locality situated in the south part of the Makarska riviera at the foot Of Mt Biokovo, about 35 km distanc from Makarska. The locality is divided in three hamlets:Kapec,Viskovica vala and Ravanje.
Nowadays, Podaca as a part of the Makarska littoral is completely oriented towards tourism.
There are about 660 inhabitants living at Podaca mainly engaged in toursm.

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Brist Resort

Brist Beach

Brist is one of the southernmost localities of the Makarska riviera, about 40 km distant from Makarska.
It is situated between the sea and the mountain Biokovo. Over the several last decades Brist, as also the majority of places on our coast has been oriented entirely toward tourism.
There are presently about 445 inhabitants living in Brist mainly engaged in tourist industry.
The locality itself has available about 550 beds in holiday flats, small boarding houses and villas.

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