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Makarska Reviera

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Tucepi is recognized as a popular tourist destination in Croatia.
To the west its boundaries touch the town of Makarska , the only urban centre of the area called the Makarsko primorje in Croatian i.e. the Makarska Coastland or popularly the Makarska Riviera.
The imposine mountain of Biokovo represents the northern border of the village.
The hamlets of Tucepi: Podpec, Covici, Srida sela, Simici and Podstup, built in traditional Mediterranean style, are spread over a large area of coastal limestone slopes. Rich in natural water springs, the area abounds withterraced eardens, vineyards and olive-groves.
The modern village of Tucepi, situated in the south of the area. along the four kilometres of mild, cultivated pebbly shore, seeks its prosperity in tourism.