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Croatia is one of the most popular destinations for the best beach holiday.
Croatia located in the heart of Europe on the beautiful Adriatic coast.
The Adriatic coast and islands are lined with amazing beaches, abounding in natural harbors, with its countless bays, ports and marinas.
The Adriatic Sea is rich in underwater landscapes, coral reefs and caves, sunken ships wrecks, amazing plants and sea life, that can be discovered through the crystal clear blue water without sharks and always calm. That's why Croatia's main tourist attraction has always been its beaches and marinas.
Croatian coast doesn't abound in sandy beaches. Most of the beaches in Croatia are pebbly, rocky and narrow, but lack of sand ensures the sea water of Croatian cost are the clearest and cleanest in the Mediterranean.
With hundreds of beaches, from large public strips to small private nooks, Croatia truly does have a spot on the shore for everyone.